Internship Program in Full Stack Web Development
Organized By
Department of Electronics Engineering,

Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur

(An Autonomous Institute)
(Accredited by NBA and NAAC with A+)

12 Weeks Program – Commencing in January 2024
Open to students of Electronics and E&TC (Limited 30 Seats only)

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About Internship Program
A job as a full stack web developer is one of the most profit able and rapidly expanding options. Companies are searching for developers who can handle numerous roles due to the increase in technology, as opposed to hiring multiple developers and incurring additional costs. This comprehensive offline course covers all the important tools and languages with hands on experience needed, like Node package manager (npm), Express.js with MySQL and flex box, dependency injections, SPA (Single Page Application), in-depth knowledge and skills of data modeling, ingestion, query, sharing, and data replication Certificates will be given to participants successfully completing this Internship.
 Building strong expertise to develop front end application using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Framework implements MVC and responsive design to scale well across PC, tablet and mobile phone.  Building strong expertise to develop back end application using NodeJS along with MySQL database.  Skill development in digital Marketing.
Design complete, responsive website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and different tools like Node packet manager (npm), Express.js with MySQL.  Develop MVC on different devices.  Work on real time, industry based projects on different domain for CRUD operations.  Apply digital marketing techniques using master concepts of Full Stack Technologies and hands-on experience.  Appear for certification exam of Infosys springboard platform.
Program features
20+ In demand skills and tools 5+ Industry based Projects Gain hands-on Experience 2+ Certificate from Industry
The internship is designed for individuals with some prior knowledge of basic familiarity with browser. Students should have some programming experience, preferably in Object oriented concepts and a willingness to learn and develop website.
Contents to be Covered
HTML CSS JavaScript NodeJS MySQL Database Website Hosting Digital Marketing

Resource People

Faculty : Experienced instructors with expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS and MySQL database
Mr. Shubham Agrawal
Agrawal Technologies, Solapur
Mr. Bipin Nadgauda
Agency 09 Pvt. Ltd., Bandra, Mumbai

Registration Fees: Rs. 3000/-
Interested participants can register for the program through the official registration link mentioned below after successful payment of the fees of Rs. 3000/- .

Payment Details
Bank Name: Samarth Sahakari Bank Ltd., Solapur.
A/C Name: Institutions Innovation Council WIT Solapur.
IFSC Code: SBLS0000001
A/C No: 0290051010000255


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